Estonian environmental indicators

The environment is a symbiosis of all living and non-living mechanisms that are closely intertwined. The environment may also be seen as an entity that affects and surrounds living organisms (e.g. air, water, soil and climatic factors).

In order to assess the status of the environment, it is necessary to examine the interactions and synergy of environmental factors, thereby also considering the factors of both living and non-living objects.

Usually, the status of the environment cannot be assessed based on a few indicators, but requires an integral system of environmental indicators which convey the status of the environment together. Various environmental indicators have been introduced to achieve this goal, which allow giving a complete overview of the environment and the connections therein. Systems of environmental indicators are mainly anthropocentric – humans affect the environment and the environment affects humans. Therefore, monitoring the anthropogenic impact on the environment as well as how the environment influences humans (among others) are equally important.

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Last updated: 28 April 2020

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