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Environmental review 2005


Compiler: Keskkonnaministeeriumi Info- ja Tehnokeskus
Year of publication: 2005
Pages: 130

This publication is a special one among previous Estonian environmental reviews, because for the first time we have tried to analyse the status of the environment in the light of national objectives. It is a good thing, if we can see right movements in figures, but a diagramme will gain additional value, if we can see the remaining distance to the set objectives. Environmental strategy, Sustainable Estonia Strategy, sectoral strategies and action plans, EU legislation and international conventions are the documents, that provide objectives for improving or maintaining the achieved environmental status.

The present environmental review reflects environmental trends since 2000 (in some cases also from an earlier period) until now. Pursuant to EU and Estonian legislation an environmental review reflecting environmental trends will be published every fourth year. All main environmental areas will be covered in the review. A drawback is that the topic „Environment and human health“ that is very important at a European Union level is covered very briefly. Data exchange between environmental and health authorities is not sufficient at the moment – human health is not seen in relation to pollution loads and environmental status, i.e. there is no data on which environmental indicators have an impact on human health and how. Even there exists data exchange concerning drinking and bathing water and hazardous substances, still a lot should be done.

Improvements in the situation are also hindered by scientific problems in reliable integration of data on environmental status and health impacts. In order to solve that problem methodological cooperation between authorities should be intensified. Improving Internet-based environmental information systems facilitate the possibilities of authorities to insert data, make queries and keep control. Climate changes are in the focus of the EU environmental policy. For the first time, in the long list of Estonian environmental reviews in this publication climate changes are covered as a separate topic. Taking into account the fact that the review is aiming at analysis of the environmental status and factors causing it, it is natural that one can’t find a comprehenisve presentation of climate changes. But we have taken a first step by studying emission amounts of greenhouse gases and we hope to continue with this issue in the future.

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