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Environmental Review 2005: Indicator-based Summary

Editors: Katre Liiv, Anu Soolep
Year of publication: 2007
Pages: 82

The first issue of an indicator-based summary based on Environmental review 2005 paves the way for a new series of publication by the Estonian Environment Information Centre. While the full version of Environmental Review 2005 is mainly targeted to the public, then the current summary aims to draw the attention of environmentalists outside Estonia. This publication is a special one among previous Estonian environmental reviews, because for the first time we have tried to analyse the status of the environment in the light of national objectives. The environmental review reflects on environmental trends from 2000 (in some cases also from an earlier period) until 2004, depending on the issue.

The report contains a selection of data from the full report Environmental review 2005. The data that best corresponds to the Core Set of Indicators (CSI), worked out by the European Environment Agency or other similar indicators, has been included in this summary. Among its other advantages, the indicators e.g. CSI used by most EU countries, give an opportunity to compare changes in countries over time.

Compared to the other EU countries, the most significant differences in Estonia are a low per capita performance for air emissions, as well as low performance per GDP for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The main reasons for such differences are the oil-shale industry in North East Estonia, small population and low population density.

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Last updated: 18 May 2018

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