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Estonian environmental review 2009

Editor: Karmen Kaukver
Year of publication: 2010
Pages: 184

Estonian Environmental Review 2009 is an English-language version of the book Keskkonnaülevaade 2009, and gives an overview of the Estonian environmental condition by focusing on the years 2003–2007. The size of population decreased during the consumption and building boom, but the anthropogenic pressure on environment rather increased, especially during 2007.

The environmental review starts with a short overview of the Estonian population and economy. This is followed by an overview of the principal environmental areas: use of natural resources, water and air quality, biological diversity, soil, land use, climate change, but also waste, environmental taxes and charges, and environmental management systems. This issue also contains a separate chapter on the environment and health.

The Environmental Review 2009 has similar structure with the previous issue from 2005 with the purpose of ensuring comparability. The timelines of this issue go back to 2007, some to 2008. The review therefore shows, if and how Estonia has managed to fulfil the often relatively high environmental objectives set forth by EU directives during the years of economic success.



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