Forest covers about 50% of the dry land in Estonia and is therefore an important shaper of the environment. Forest is the habitat of many plants and animals, but also a place for rest and recreation. At the same time, forest is also the most significant renewable natural resource and provides raw material for energy production and industry, offering work and a livelihood for tens of thousands of people.

The main function of the Estonian Environment Agency in the field of forestry is to collect, process and publish data on the capacity, status and use of growing stock. We additionally keep track of the carbon stocks contained in forests and changes to them. The collected data form the basis for domestic and international statistical reports on Estonian forests and forestry. Forest investment data is the prerequisite for sustainable forest management, this data allows to keep track of growing stock and the dynamics of changes in the state of forests, to prepare scenarios and development plans.

Some of the forest information is collected during forest measuring and specific observations carried through on thousands of test patches. A vast majority of information is sent by our cooperation partners, including state authorities as well as private enterprises. The information sent to us is stored in databases after verification, where they are processed and analysed before publishing.



Last updated: 13 August 2018

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