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The preparation of weather forecasts is a vital service provided by the Estonian Weather Service which is part of the Environment Agency.


The main function of the Estonian Weather Service is to draft weather forecasts and warnings, forward them and grant their availability. Weather information is, among others, sent to aviation and shipping companies whose activity is dependent on weather conditions. An additional important task is cooperation with other state authorities – i.e. with the Rescue Board which benefits much from weather information. The Estonian Weather Service also manages historical hydrometeorological data recorded in weather monitoring stations. The data is an important source for researchers from different disciplines as well as for the police and insurance companies.

The weather forecasts are prepared on the basis of observation data retrieved from 108  meteorological and hydrologycal stations across Estonia. As weather knows no state borders, the international data exchange, remote sensing data and numerical weather predictions are an important part of forecasting.

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Last updated: 24 October 2016

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