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State on environment in Estonia on the threshold of XXI century

Compiler: Keskkonnaministeeriumi Info- ja Tehnokeskus
Year of publication: 2001
Pages: 99

Historically and naturally Estonia has always been a border area between North and South as well as East and West. Among 41 European countries, Estonia is holding 28th position by area, 35th position by population and 29th position by annual gross product per person (World Statistics…, 1998). Despite Estonian population has constantly decreased during last decade for several reasons, re-structuring of economy and return of assets as well as privatization have changed the Estonian society completely. Appearance of an owner, abandoning of inefficient technologies and general decrease of production volume have created favorable conditions for the reduction of environmental pollution. At the same time investments into environmental protection, paid by Estonia itself as well as through foreign aid, have increased. In result of these processes there are clear signs of the improvement of environmental condition. However also new negative developments have occurred: increase of the number of vehicles has brought along worsening of the quality of atmospheric air in larger cities, poor condition of rural economy is accompanied with disappearing of open landscapes and valuable preserved associations located on them, forgotten parcels of former large amelioration turn into swamped scrubs.

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