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Water use

Water use means the abstraction of water from a water body or groundwater layer, but also the discharge of effluent back into the water body. The term also includes the use of a water body for economic purposes (e.g. hydropower production) or in any other way. Water use is regulated with permits for the special use of water.


One obligation of water users is to report annually their  amounts of abstracted and used water, volume of waste water and pollutants discharged to a recipient, the economic indicators of water use as well as the contents and quantity of substance removed, relocated or dumped during the dredging or dumping at sea.

The Estonian Environment Agency prepares a report form for water users that can be opened and filled in on website ( by the 1st of February next  year to the reporting year. The water user shall submit a report about its water-related activities according to  their water-permit terms by the 1st of March next year to the reporting period.

Last updated: 29 September 2016

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